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Dome is a chair with excellent ergonomics. The fan-like shape of the backrest that widens towards the top provides natural support in different seated positions for all body types. The support pieces, used to attach the backrest firmly to the matte chrome steel frame with invisible screw joints create an interesting play of light and shadow on the surface in all interiors. It accentuates the delicate and flowing shapes of the chair. Dome is easily stackable.

48 cm
53,5 cm
80 cm
Seat height
45 cm
Birch, steel
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Asko Lax was born and grew up in the town of Pudasjärvi in Northern Ostrobothnia, and left for the city of Oulu in the 1980s to study architecture.
In 1991 he became a student of industrial design at ArtCenter College of Design that opened a European campus in Switzerland in 1986. He completed part of his degree in the main location of the institute in Pasadena, Los Angeles, and graduated as an industrial designer and ArtCenter's first ever Finn in 1993.

In addition to furniture design he has acted as a design director at Polar Electro and has his own architecture practice. Lax's wooden buildings can be found in more than 15 different countries. So far the most significant architectural destination has been Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte in Lapland, completed in 2021.

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The classic design of Dome was born when a Japanese furniture influencer defined to Asko Lax with an ambitious design chair suitable for mass production:
"The chair has a simple frame and few parts, but the most important is the new, innovative veneer press, which makes it unique in relation to its competitors."
The innovative part by definition is the Dome’s backrest, whose fan-like, upward-widening shape provides natural support in a variety of sitting positions. The support bars, which allow the back to be firmly attached to the matte chrome frame with invisible screw connections, create an interesting variation of light and shade on their surfaces in all interiors. It emphasizes the sophisticated and airy light shapes of the chair.
The chair has proven its durability in public restaurants as well as in private homes, where the oldest individuals still fulfill their function, more than two decades after its introduction.
The designer is grateful to his friend who threw the original challenge, whose advice helped get the design work started. However, he wants to add a comment now that he thinks the product is only at the beginning of its life cycle:
“If the chair today still looks new and fresh but the same as it has always existed, it can be said that the work has been a success."


You can tell a genuine Lax Design chair by the sticker, especially created for our products by Starcke Oy, a company specialised in brand protection. Current and future products are safeguarded with a unique hologram sticker that contains proof of authenticity and several levels of protection. The sticker can only be used once since it cannot be removed once intact.


We use Finnish materials, from which the best local professionals refine the products. Instead of importing cheap labour from overseas to accommodate the needs of our customers, we want to provide premium Finnish quality to our clients both nationally and worldwide.